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Hello, I am Nina Johnston. Welcome to my website about roofing maintenance and repairs. My first home was in a dire state of disrepair when I purchased it. The roof was falling apart at the junctions and even started to allow rainwater into the attic. I knew that I had to act fast to keep the leaking water from ruining my home. As a result, I received a crash course in roofing maintenance and repairs. I created this site to share the knowledge I gained with my readers. I hope to help everyone understand how to best care for their roofing materials. Thanks.


Surprises Your Roofer Might Find When Removing Your Old Roof

16 July 2019
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With the exception of metal roofs, a total roof replacement usually occurs somewhere between twenty and thirty years. If you are not sure how old your roof is, having a roofing contractor inspect it to determine how many years your roof probably has left before it needs a complete replacement might be a good plan. If your roof needs to be replaced now, here are some things you should prepare for and which your roofer might discover while he/she is busily ripping off the roof. Read More …